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Davinci Code Summery and the Secret[Spoiler]

Langdon and Sophie found a key behind an art piece hidden by the grandfather of Sophie. They went the high-security swiss bank because the key was the key to the bank account that Sophies grandfather created. There her grandfather’s old friend helps them to open the bank. After they open the bank they found a box there that had a Cryptex. Then they went to see one of Langdon’s friends that wanted to know about the Cryptex and he could help them solve it. As they were talking about it the red eyed albino knocked Landon out and wanted the thing he was searching the for the Cyrptex with the “keystone” in it. Langdon’s friend hit him with the sharpest object he could find to get rid of him. Then they went to a hiding place where they solved the cryptex and found out what happened.[you can see Langdon’s friend in the pictures.
Secret(If you don’t want to read it it is fine because this part is a major spoiler.)
The keystone was not a thing it was a human, it was Sophie. When Sophie learned this she understood why her grandfather was calling her Princess Sophie [P.S.] when she was a little kid.{the keystone is believed to be the way younger sibling of Jesus(possibly a daughter)}This is the secret in the book.

What do you think the keystone could be? Comment to this blog!


Sir Leigh Teabing(Langdons Friend)


Reckless The Movie

On the video, Jakob and I try to explain what happens in the book in a funny and a clumsy may. As it is my first video blog, I think that it is the most amusing with the bloopers. Recommend to you to watch it. I edited this myself, and there is one that Jakob published. Make sure to watch both of them and give your opinion in the comments so that we can get better at this job. (I’m pretty sure that mine is funnier than Jakob’s)

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I fixed it, this video is HD now. Enjoy!!

Recommendation / Robert Langdon’s Diary / What is Sophie’s Secret?? (Post 4) [Sorryyyy!!!]

Blog Post 2

Rational – 50 words or more

The Davinci Code – Dan Brown – 454 pages – Mystery-detective novel

Main Character – Robert Langdon

I will write about that Robert Langdon and Sophie Neuve figure out the symbolism and the encryption on the crime scene of Jacques Saunière & Sophie’s big secret.

I wanted to start with a sorry to you guys because of the video blog that I haven’t uploaded yet. I will assure you that it will be here in 2 weeks at most. It should be a funny video montage of the Davinci Code.


Langdon’s Diary
After of the reveal that Sophies grandfather was Jacques Saunière. Sophie explained the code to me privately because in the code it sais;
“P.S. Find Robert Langdon”
There was a little detail that would change everything in this story; Bezu Fache was suspicious of me because like said in the message;
“P.S. Find Robert Langdon”
Since ps means “note.” Bezu Fache thinks I killed Jacques Saunière. When I go to the bathroom. Sophie was there and told me that there was a GPS device in my pocket. We throw the GPS to a truck that was just passing beside the window. Most of the police in the museum went to catch me, not being aware that the it was only the GPS. Sophy told a story from her childhood, and that helped us to find what is the message, but we first had to go to the Mona Lisa. Sophie said that I had to go to the car. As I went to the car; I figured out the biggest clue. It was that the PS in the message wasn’t “note” or “Princess Sophie”(they first thought that Ps meant Princess Sophie that is the name that her grandpa used to call her) It was the abbreviated letters of Prior of Sion that was the cult her grandpa was a member. I ran the stairs as fast as I can and reached Sophie to tell the good news.
That meant their journey had started. First stop was the Mona Lisa.

Guys I read until here . . .


I would recommend this book because of the mysteries of it, and the cliff hangers that you get in this book is insane. If you like mysterious, crime or gripping books, this is your book. You will learn to look from a different view, and you will learn to solve mysteries as you walk around with Langdon and Sophie. You will be part of the Prior of Sion and protect Sophie and women like Sophie. (don’t want to spoil it this is the biggest secret in the book)


Summary for the Story “Lady in the Dark”

100 Words
The old lady was knitting as the they rushed in the house. It was a young guy, 5 foot 5 tall, has a raincoat with his hat, know my jewelry excellent. Must be from Monsters and Son. Then there were some details that the blind old lady jotted down as she seemed like she was taping down to show she was nervous. But she wasn’t she was taping because she noted down that info in Braille Alphabet. Since the young man didn’t see the writings she did on the paper, that made it easier for the police to find him.

50 Words
The old and blind woman noted some things about the thief that wants to get her jewelry, her memories. It was a young guy, 5 foot 5 tall, has a raincoat with his hat, know my jewelry excellent. Must be from Monsters and Son. Some notes she took before she died from her oldness. When police find her note, it was so easy to catch the thief.

One Sentence
The notes that the victim took secretly in Braille Alphabet led the police to the murderer; It worked because the victim looked nervous as she tapped her fingers on the table but secretly she was taking notes in Braille Alphabet.

2nd Diary Entry for Robert Langdon

Rational – 50 words or more

The Davinci Code – Dan Brown – 454 pages – Mystery-detective novel

Main Character – Robert Langdon

I will be writing about Robert Langdon trying to slow the imagery on top the dead body of Jacques Saunière at the crime scene.

It will be a diary

From the pictures they understand that Jacques Saunière did some symbolism on his body and wrote some codes. Robert Langdon is struggling to solve this symbolism and imagery. He has an idea, but he is not sure what he is going to do.

Past tense because it is a diary.


As Bezu Fache pointed the black light to the dead body, I saw the tiny writings on the floor. I repeated the numbers in my head “13-3-2-21-1-1-8-5.” Since I can solve the mysteries of symbols, Bezu Fache looked at me like this is something that I should have known before. But I had no idea. I started thinking about a relationship ith the positioning of the body, the blood lines and the numbers. “13-3-2-21-1-1-8-5” repeatedly in my head like I could nearly feel it in my skull. It stopped with Bezu Fache’s phone ringing, looking at the way Bezu Fache was talking I could understand something wrong happen. After the talk, Bezu Fache told that another agent will be here soon. The agent was a woman and Bezu Fache thought that agency is not for women that they would do everything wrong and distract. Her name was Sophie Neveu. She was at her thirty’s, not so tall with her long black hair. She talked with Bezu Fache and gave me a phone, and she told me that I had a message. I opened the phone and started the message. As I open it, there was Sophie Neveu talking in French. I shouted “I think you gave me the wrong phone,” she cut my word and said, “No, that’s the correct one.” I started to listen to the message; first, it was just Sophie Neveu talking, but then I learned why I needed to know this because she said “Mr.Langdon, this is Sophie Neveu. Please don;t react to this message. You have to stay calm because you are in danger”.


Robert Langdon’s Diary

Rational – 50 words or more

The Davinci Code – Dan Brown – 454 pages – Mystery-detective novel

Main Character – Robert Langdon

I will be writing a diary of Robert Langdon when he visited the Louvre Museum at night with a police officer.

After learning that the guy he is going to meet that night dies. He goes to the scene that is in the Louvre Museum with a strict police officer since he can read symbols. He was going to meet with him so the police officer doubt of him for committing the crime.

Past tense because this is a diary.


It all started when Jacques Saunière’s secretary called me to tell me that Jacques Saunière wanted to meet with me. Then I a police officer came to my door and showed that picture, it was Jacques Saunière, killed in the Louvre museum. After that moment I knew that I had to go and see the scene since I knew how to read symbols, I thought that this was a little mysterious that right before we were going to talk something, he got killed. A car approached me.

I went in the car because I knew it was going to take me to the museum. Finally, we were there after 15-20 minutes of talking with the driver about the Eiffel tower. I learned that the officers name that was going to lead me was Bezu Fache.

As I shook his hand, I could nearly feel the strictness and the doubt in Bezu Fache. Doubt that I committed the crime. I started to walk with the stress and pressure building up in me. I began to feel uncomfortable as he asked question after question to me. I couldn’t even keep track of time. But it was finally over. I straight went to my hotel room and had a good sleep.


Teach Every Child About Food

In the TED talk with Jamie Oliver talk about the effects of obesity on children.

Jamie Oliver said that an ordinary kid in school gets a plow of sugar cubes in 5 years from just milk. He also talks about how unhealthy the school lunch can be sometimes, because for example school considers french fries as vegetables.

This is not a local problem this problem is local, because there are schools all around the world and most of them do the same thing and this affects us because like I said before our school lunches can be very unhealthy. The lunch ladies do whatever they can put to make more food schools buy cheap food so that is the problem cause obesity.

In America 14 people die i 18 minutes just because of their food. Approximately most of the deaths in America are from food related deaths. Every year most of the Americas spend 10% of their yearly income to health care because of obesity And this going to be doubled to 20% in the following years. In the TED talk Jamie Oliver also mentions that because of obesity most of the new generation children will die 10 years before age that their parents like if someone’s parent died in 86 he is probably going to die in his 76’s (if he is obese)

“I wish for everyone to help create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food,inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity” – Jamie Oliver

The Economics of Happiness

I dis agree that when they said that when some one sends goods with trucks or planes it is cheaper than the goods you buy from your neighbours store.

I think when there is a village that is non westerner, to get in the village they have to tell to the villagers that live there because they may not want western culture in their village or they just can’t get used to it.

Like they said at the video a butter coming from England is cheaper than the butter coming from the market near the people, I didn’t get it.

Which country is consuming more?

Witch county sells things o other countries the most?

Math Assessment Measurement

I chose this assessment because I really done good on it and I think it shows my thinker skill because I thinked a lot when I was doing this assessment.

math assesment mesurement